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Anon System – Trading Redefined

In the current day and age, anonymity when it comes to financial transactions is a massive problem. There are always people looking over your shoulder. Whether it be the banks or the governments, an authority is going to know when, where, and why you've spent every single dollar you ever use.

If that doesn't bother you, then the world's your oyster. It does bother us, though. It bothers us so much that we've gone and created a solution. Anon System is a trading platform built from the ground up to strictly solve this problem.

We want to enable you to perform transactions completely free from prying eyes. All of your trades and your account is not only private, but it's also encrypted. Nobody is going to be able to see where and how your money is being used.

The technology that we employ is entirely homegrown and grassroots. You're not going to find marketplace code here. We have a mission that we truly believe in here at Anon System, and every decision that we make is in pursuit of that mission.

Anon System is Completely Free of Charge

We have a belief here at Anon System that trading is a luxury that should be available to everybody. Instead, it's reserved for society's elite and completely cuts out the working class.

We've made efforts to combat this. Specifically, we've made the decision to offer the Anon System to the public completely free of charge.

There are no signup fees, subscription fees, transaction fees, commission, or any other sort of sneaky charge that other trading sites might subject you to.

We want to remove all the barriers in your way to attaining financial anonymity. Fees and charges are one of those barriers.

What You Can Trade on Anon System

With the notion of anonymity comes variance. Wanting to be private does not exclusively belong to one school of trading. This is why we made the decision to offer multiple different types of trading on the system.

We provide you with a platform to trade cryptocurrency, assets, CFDs, and Forex.

By providing a wide range of different trading methods, we hope to enable as many people as possible to start anonymizing their trading activities.


If you're interested in financial secrecy, then you've definitely heard of cryptocurrency. If you haven't, then we're about to make all your dreams come true. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital coin that has become massively prominent in the last few years. There are essays on the subject, but we're going to focus on that decentralized aspect of the currency. Specifically, we're going to focus on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is created through a decentralized process. It's operated entirely by an automated system, meaning it's completely out of human hands. There are no authorities to check where your money is going. The entire system is built off of an independent node-based technology called Bitcoin.

If you're serious about keeping your transactions a secret, then you need to have a look at this.


A lot of people get assets and commodities mixed up. It's an easy mistake to make, but a mistake none the less.

The difference between the two is simple. A commodity is an investment that has a fixed value attached to it. You generally know how much X amount of tobacco is worth, same with corn, and same with copper.

Assets, on the other hand, have variable costs. A house would be an asset, but not a commodity. There are countless contextual aspects that affect the price of the house, hence the asset distinction.

All the trading you do on our platform is encrypted, so if you're looking for some good portfolio diversification, then this is your trading type.


It's safe to assume that you've heard of the Forex. It's a very simple prospect. The Forex is an online marketplace that lets you exchange one currency for another, hence being called the foreign exchanges.

Forex trading can be insanely productive for the right people, but it's hard to get into it. If you want to take this kind of trading on, dip your toes in the water first.


CFDs, or contract for difference, are the most complicated type of trading that we offer and also the riskiest.

For lack of better phrasing, you're essentially betting on the price movements of any given market. Therefore, unless you're an industry expert somewhere, approach this type of trading with optimistic caution.


What type of trading should I start with?

Ultimately, it depends on your experience, intent, and interest. As a rule of thumb, we always recommend that newer traders start off with assets and crypto, but that's just some advice, not a rule.

These two trading types are the easiest to understand and diverse enough to cover enough ground to please most people.

Don't feel pigeon-holed by this, though. You can trade in whatever market you want.

How long does it take for my account to get verified?

A lot of trading sites might take a long time to get you verified. Not Anon System. Our system can have you up and trading the same day that you register for an account.

We want you to be able to take charge of any surge of the moment passion you get. Motivation is a fleeting but powerful thing. By streamlining our signup process, we're hoping to get you on board before your sail loses its wind. 

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