About Us

Anon System started off as a moral debate between two friends. Both of these friends were very successful traders and economic experts, except they had wildly different views. One of them was a strictly mixed capitalist. He believed that the current economic system was ideal and that it should be maintained.

The other, a libertarian, did not share that view. He argued that the government and banks have far too much control over the daily lives of the public and that those bodies use that control to oppress the lower classes and placate the middle class.

The debate got heated, and yet, was never resolved. However, the libertarian friend left the debate feeling inspired. Having worked himself up into a frenzy, he decided that he was going to take action.

This was in 2018 when Bitcoin had its moment in the spotlight. It presented a new level of financial encryption technology that was no longer monopolized by the bank. He and many other traders recognized this, but the general public did not.

That's when Anon System was born.

He decided to create a platform to help get people on board with the ideology. He was no programmer, though, so he needed to recruit a team. Luckily for him, all of his years in trading had left him with more than enough to fund the startup costs himself.

Recruiting a Stellar Team

Our founder was no hiring manager, but he had served his time in HR at one point. He felt confident in carrying out the interviews, so he sent out recruitment calls.

He soon realized that he was out of his depth when it came to interviewing programmers, though. Rather than picking from a lucky hat on a topic that he knew nothing about, he made a call to an old friend and got some help.

This friend, our second founder, was a cybersecurity expert that had met our original founder back in his college years. The two discussed the idea and the proposal, and our second founder was brought onboard.

With the programming expertise on board, interviews resumed. This time, everything went much smoother. Eventually, the field was culled, and we had our original development team.

Developing Anon System

The majority of the development timeline revolved around two things. One was the power of our trading algorithm. The other was the encryption technology utilized on the site. We split the development team in two based on their strengths and set them to work. It was early 2019 when this happened, and we had projected a Q4 2021 launch window.

As you can tell, we beat that launch window by a country mile. Both teams exceeded even their own expectations. It seemed like every day new breakthroughs were being made, not just for Anon System, but for trading software as a whole.

Our trading algorithm was operating at a level of efficiency we never thought we would see, and the encryption technology was so strong that not even our second founder could crack it.

Once we had these fundamental technologies nailed down, we put the two teams to work, creating the app and site. Once again, they outperformed themselves here. In a matter of months, they had one of the cleanest UIs that we have ever seen and a multiplatform app that offers an experience that blows other trading apps out of the water.

That brings us up to this point. As you might have already guessed, Anon System is out. We were confident when we launched the system, but the result has been truly outstanding.

Every day, more and more people are joining the Anon System family, and we couldn't be happier. Being able to provide a platform that gives people the privacy and security that they need in their financial lives is a rewarding task in and of itself.

However, we've only started out on this journey, just like you. We hope you're going to stick around to help us see it through.